Who can play?
No experience or skill required.  There are no age limits but we recommend from the age of 8 years and above.  It’s not gender orientated so both females and males can play.  Fitness levels are not a major issue, you play at a pace that is comfortable for you.  Why not make it a family affair and have the grandparents join in on the excitement and fun too!
Please note: All players will be required to sign a registration form and U18’s must have the form signed by a parent/guardian. Player Registration Form

Is laser skirmish safe?
Although referred to as ‘laser skirmish’ there are no actual lasers involved.  The weapons we use are safe – there are no projectiles.  The weapons emit an infra-red beam very similar to the remote controls found in most homes.  They are a clean and safe alternative to paint ball.  There are unrelated risks with playing outdoors such as tripping hazards or insect bites.  Before each session a weapon and safety brief will be given and it is up to the individual to abide by the rules for their safety and the safety of other players.  Several staff hold a current Senior First Aid certificate and a trained staff member will be in attendance.  We will not tolerate physical contact or any behaviour that could cause injury to any person.

What should I wear or bring?
For insurance purposes and player safety, it is a requirement that players wear long pants and covered shoes to protect from insect stings, scratches, etc at all bush fields.  Players wanting to blend in with the surroundings can choose to wear camouflage clothing.  In outdoor situations a hat is recommended, remember – slip, slop, slap.   We have hire clothing available or wear your own.  Water is also necessary or fluids, to stay hydrated.  Participants are encouraged to bring food or snacks to the bush fields.  Drinks are available for sale on prior request.

How much do the weapons weigh?
The Commando
with a typical scope and battery weighs about 3.5kg.  It has been designed with an adjustable stock and is well balanced, which means it can be used effectively by most people.  Ideally this model is suitable for players aged 15 years and above.
The Scorpion
with a red dot scope and battery weighs only 2.0kg and has become the choice with most players.  Excellent choice for fast paced games.  Suitable for players aged 8 years and older.
The P90 also fitted with a red dot scope and battery weighs 2.7kg.  It is fast becoming popular among players due to the fast fire rate and “big” capabilities without the weight.  Suitable for teens and above.