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Locked & Loaded Laser Games is a family run business.  The operators are Michael and Linda (AKA: Monkey & *KaBOOM*).
In August 2007 we had our first taste of laser skirmish. The family, including our adult children, agreed it was fun.
We have since played in a competition based level and completed a “Tour of Duty” (played interstate).

Team “Locked & Loaded” took part in the 2008 Australian National Clan Wars, in Victoria and also competed at
the 2009 Australian National Clan Wars in Queensland.
In 2010, team “Loaded” once again ventured to Victoria for the national competition.
It’s was a great time to meet & greet others with a similar interest!

Locked & Loaded Laser Games is similar to paint ball but without the projectiles and there is no mess.
We run a fully mobile set up and come to your battle field.
Complete with urban inflatable walls and an armoury that boasts the latest 2014 model MP7 and M9 Pistol.
The armoury is also stocked with the Commando, P90 and Scorpion weapons, which feature the “predator” muzzle flash.
Our weapons fire an invisible, harmless infra-red beam similar to a remote control.

Locked & Loaded Laser Games upgraded the armoury to the latest technology.
Our equipment now features voice feedback and a host of extras but most importantly enhancing the player experience.

We seized the opportunity to bring this fun to others and so Locked & Loaded Laser Games was created.

Locked & Loaded Laser Games is about having FUN without the pain.